Cold Water Extraction 24/7 | Long Beach Water Damage Experts

Long Beach Water Damage continually improves cold water extraction techniques to help restore flood and water damage. Whatever the issue, a seasonal flood, water leak or a discharged fire sprinkler can adversely affect your home or commercial property. We are fully trained to handle extract amounts of water. Our technicians are also certified in clearing an affected property from any potential pathogenic hazards that might arise as a consequence of a water disaster.

In such cases, make the wise decision and ask the professionals at Long Beach Water Damage to handle your crisis instead of wasting time trying to fix the issue on your own. Every minute is critical in such situations, and we are aware of that. Thus, we work hard to minimize existing damage to reduce the secondary damage as much as possible. We focus on detecting all mold formation and fungus that could translate into severe health hazards.

We try to make our solutions as effective as possible, while also making sure that they are less-intrusive. For example, we take great pride in our in-place extraction technology which allows us to eliminate water from both pad and carpet at the same time without moving them around and creating extra mess.

We value our clients and their satisfaction greatly so we invest a lot in training in certifying expert technicians according to the latest standards in the field issued by IICRC. In addition, we always purchase state-of-the-art equipment that helps us perform effective and rapid water damage restoration jobs. When called for a cold water extraction procedure, some of these special tools we use are:

• Light wand water extraction tool for the carpets
• Drag wand mid-way water extraction tool
• Manual water claws for carpet and pads
• Truck-mounted water extraction tools for standing water

After we’ve completed the cold water extraction we use infra red cameras to locate hidden water pockets, making sure nothing is left behind. Small but highly-efficient, we can spot those unseen pockets of water behind the furniture or in difficult corners and remove it before it develops into mold formations or fungus.

The cold water extraction procedure sets the ground for the entire restoration process and its success highly depends on it. By calling our experts for this kind of job you decrease your chances of having permanent damages and you also minimize the cost and time needed for the entire restoration. Call us day and night at 562-200-0226 and benefit from our great cold water extraction services for a totally successful restoration!