Expert Water Damage Services 24/7 | Long Beach Water Damage 24/7

Expert Water Damage Service. 24/7 Emergency Response When You Need It Most

Long Beach Water Damage is your number one alley in fighting all type of water crisis through its high-quality, professional restoration services like:
• Water Extraction
• In-place Drying
• Disaster Cleanup
• Disinfection
• Sewage Removal
• Temporary Off-Site Storage
• Waste Elimination
• Repair & Restoration

Because we understand how difficult it is to keep calm under such challenging situations, here are some simple things you can do to help:

- Call us immediately at 562-200-0226!
- Turn off the main water source and stop the damage from spreading
- Turn off the breaker from the affected area and then remove all electrical devices and apliances

Even if at some point this seems like a legit idea, do not try solving the issue by using your domestic vacuum cleaner. You will only ruin it completely and even expose yourself to serious electrical shock that can be lethal.

But removing all standing water does not mean that all your problems are gone. Other factors, such as humidity for example must be attended, too, as they can harm objects that were not damaged by the water incident in the first place. Through infiltration, moisture can go deeper and deeper and affect a building’s structures in permanent ways. Through our fast drying plan and mold inspection we can avoid all these risks and save your drywalls, ceilings and floors before it is not too late.

From the moment you dial 562-200-0226 it will take us only 30 minutes to reach you, no matter if it’s day or night, even during weekends. Benefit from our emergency services and free initial consultations whenever you are facing water issues!